What a great beer! No photoshopping in this picture I swear <.< >.>

What a great beer! No photoshopping in this picture I swear <.< >.>

Went on a lovely 12km hike today in the Mer Bleue Bog! Found me a finger in the woods!

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"One last thing: While you may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the Ignorant Tight-Ass Club, in this building, when the President stands, nobody sits.”

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The West Wing was the shit.

Pandemic = Best Board Game Ever!

After watching tabletop with Will Wheaton I’ve been craving to play some board games. Then when I saw the Pandemic game I knew I had to have it! Well now I do and I just finished my first play through. After hearing this game is one of the hardest games to beat I couldn’t wait to lose. Well we played the introductory difficulty (4 epidemic cards) and instead of losing we actually won the game on the very last turn. So much fun!!!!

Free beer at the Yacht club! When did I get rich?

Free beer at the Yacht club! When did I get rich?

Seriously Ottawa!

Well looks like I am officially giving up cycling as an activity. It is becoming far to expensive to keep replacing these stolen bicycles.

My latest bike was stolen out of my apartment building’s resident only parking garage that requires a key fob to get into. It had THREE locks on it!!!!!!!! If that isn’t safe enough then that’s it. No more bikes for me.

This must have been a targeted attack too because ONLY my bike was stolen. There were plenty of other bikes in that garage, some not even locked up. This is what I get for following my apartment building’s rules and not storing it in my apartment.

If I ever witness a bike thief in action I will gladly serve the time in prison for beating them to within an inch of their life!


That person who won’t stop talking about themselves

Beefalo RIGHT by the spawn point!

Beefalo RIGHT by the spawn point!

RIP Bot Turret

While I am required by brotherly code to think everything he does is stupid. I will admit he can be quite humorous while gaming.

Check out RIP Bot Turret on Twitch.tv

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Trying out IFTTT.com for status updates. Hope it worked! :)